Surround yourself with positivity. It makes sense, but do you do that? Our parents told us at one point, “the company you keep says a lot about your character.” We agree. In life and in business, surrounding yourself with positive people will keep you happier and could make you more productive.

    You have about 40% control over your own mindset. The rest is predicated on the company you keep and your surroundings. If you aren’t in control of your own 40%, you are more prone to pessimism than you are to optimism.

    Surround Yourself With Positivity

    • Step away from it. You need to take a break from your business. You need to make time for yourself and to recharge your mental and physical batteries. Take a ten minute “you” break every couple of hours. Get away from the office and relax and pick up a hobby or indulge in your hobby.
    • What are you grateful for. You need to count your blessings every day. Even when you’ve had a bad day we’ll bet you can find something that went right. The coffee creamer wasn’t curdled. The lights on your drive to the office were green. It didn’t rain. Find something, anything and write it down.
    • Push yourself. Challenge yourself. Take the initiative and be in control of your life, your business and your own happiness. It’s been shown that optimists take charge and are in control of their own destiny. Pessimists sit back and wait for things to happen.

    How happy are you? What can you do to be more positive and in control of your destiny and your happiness?  Take some time today to write down what you’re grateful for. Write down the goals you have already achieved in work and in life. We’ll bet you have more going for you than you ever imagined or gave yourself credit for.

    What are you waiting for?

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