The power of positive thinking can’t be denied, but then neither can the power of surrounding yourself with positive people! I believe that positivity not only brings inner peace, but it leads you toward a path of success, enhances your health and happiness and helps you improve relationships with friends, family and business associates.

    Here are some of my thoughts on the benefits of surrounding yourself (both personally and professionally) with positive people:

    • Just as bad moods are contagious, so too, are good moods! If you exude positive energy, those around you will pick up on that and it will surround you like a ray of sunshine. Project the attitude you would like to surround yourself with.
    • Positive thinking can also impact project outcomes. If you’re in the midst of a difficult task, but are thinking positively, the project will likely move along more smoothly and you’ll see a better outcome to your efforts!
    • Your inner dialogue affects your actions. When you’re working on a project tell yourself, “I can do this,” or “Even though this is trying, it is possible!” These words will help you power through your projects whether it’s writing a blog post, working on an accounting issue or preparing for a speech.

    Here are some steps I take to boost my positivity every day:

    • I surround myself with people who feed me positive energy and I offer mine right back to them!
    • I read scripture or a passage of an inspirational (to me) book every day
    • I watch movies or listen to music that moves me toward happiness

    What do you do to be positive for both yourself and those around you?


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