Coronavirus has brought about many changes in the business world. Many businesses won’t survive the pandemic and the forced closure of their businesses and this is why customer service matters more now than ever.

Simply touting, “We’re the best!” “We care about our customers!” and “Our customer service cannot be rivaled!” are just words. What business owner wouldn’t say that? What customer would buy from someone who didn’t promise all of that and then some?

What you need to do is SHOW your customer how you’re better, bigger, faster… you get the picture. You certainly don’t want your customer to come to you because “you’re the cheapest game in town” right? Selling on the cheapest price isn’t a great strategy!

You need to be: consistent, memorable and unique.

Why Customer Service Matters More Now

  1. Professionalism matters — but be authentic. Don’t bad mouth the competition. Don’t neglect to return phone calls or answer questions. Don’t show up late for meetings or phone calls. Even if you work in a relaxed or creative or outdoor business — dress appropriately. Swimming pool contractors should show up dressed in a company uniform — not cut offs and t-shirts.
  2. Build community. Stay connected with your customers and engage with them outside of the sales process.
  3. Be positive. Even if you’re going to miss a deadline, set the tone for the expectation early and don’t lay the blame on another team member. You’re the company owner, it’s all on your shoulders.

Don’t take your customer’s money, then not talk with them until you deliver the product or project. Stay in touch — email, phone call, text — whatever you need to in order to keep them from having buyer’s remorse. Remember, you’re in it for the long run and that means fostering a good relationship.

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