Entrepreneurs often burn the candle at both ends and that means burnout could be knocking at the door at any point. There are many reasons why entrepreneurs need to practice self-care and one of them is that if you get under the weather (covid, anyone?) who will keep your business running? Do you have someone on whom you can rely to take over or will your business wither on the vine if you get sick and can’t man the controls?

As a business coach and serial entrepreneur and a man who rarely sits down and takes a day off, I understand the importance of self-care and that can come in the form of:

  1. Meditation
  2. Walking
  3. Long bubble baths
  4. Spending time with friends or alone
  5. Traveling
  6. Cooking
  7. Whatever relaxes and reinvigorates you Leading a balanced, orderly personal life will help you be a better leader. Find practical methods for eliminating stress, unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Why Entrepreneurs Need To Practice Self-Care

You need to not only know what helps relax you, but you need to take time to do that as a way to keep yourself healthy and in charge at the helm.

Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Lead a balanced orderly personal life because this will help you be a better, stronger leader
  2. Look for methods and strategies that help eliminate stress, dissapate dissatisfaction and unhappiness as they sap your personal health
  3. Reinvent who you are and what you do. When you try something new you are taking yourself out of your comfort zone and just that switch will help shake things up
  4. You need to know what brings you peace. You need to know how to find serenity and your center. You also need to get away from electronics at least once a day — better yet, an entire day of the week you need to unplug.
  5. Silence can be your friend. Turn off the television and radio, turn on a water fountain and listen to that sound.
  6. When you’re with friends and family — be present. Don’t multitask your personal time.
  7. Eat healthy meals.
  8. Exercise
  9. Sleep deeply
  10. Laugh often

when is the last time you took time to take care of yourself?

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