Do you have testimonials on your website? Have you asked for recommendations on your LinkedIn page. Will you recommend me? These four words seem like they’d be easy to say, but many entrepreneurs find they can’t get them out. It’s not easy to ask someone to help you toot your own horn BUT you need to.

Chances are, none of your potential referral partners or those from whom you will ask for a recommendation will be someone you’re not sure about. Start asking for recommendations from people you know will be happy to do so. The more you ask, the easier it will get.

Will You Recommend Me?

Why do referrals matter? Because they show another potential client that you know your stuff, that you have clients and that they are happy with you. That carries a lot of weight.

How can you ask for a testimonial? Here are some ways: 

  • Take a deep breath and ask. It’s that easy. If a potential referral partner or person you’re asking to recommend you asks for input on what you’re looking for, help them out. If you loved how I did XYZ would you mind writing a testimonial or recommendation for me?
  • Make it easy for them to do that. Remember, they may never have been asked before and might not know where to start, help them out.
  • When should you ask for one? Right after you’ve completed a job. Right after you’ve finished a project. Immediately.
  • Quid pro quo. Ask for a testimonial and return the favor. If you write one for a client, it may prompt them to say, “Hey, let me do that for you as well.”

Ask for testimonials. IfIf you’re not asking you won’t receive.  When, and how, will you ask?

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