Do you ever feel like no matter what you’re doing, you’re just not moving the needle to keep your business growing? You may have heard dieters say they have “plateaued” in their weight loss efforts and that means that no matter what they try, they just can’t lose those pounds. If you’re feeling the same with your business, Rex Richard has 3 tips to move your business forward.

If you know you’re not in a business slow period — like a swimming pool contractor who naturally slows down in December in Northern New York — then it might just take a couple of tweaks to get you moving again.

How can an entrepreneur know whether the business has peaked and why? What steps can you take if you know you can go higher, but you just don’t know how to get around that roadblock?

Here are tips for breaking free of those plateaus:

3 Tips To Move Your Business Forward

  1. What is your vision and has it changed? If it’s not as clear as it was, then you want to pivot. If your original vision changed, but you haven’t changed your marketing strategies or other growth metrics, now is the time to do that.
  2. Are you networking and continually connecting? I know the pandemic put a stop to in person networking events, and some are still slow to resume, but you can do zooms, pick up the phone and have a socially distanced meeting if you’re not comfortable in public. You need to spend part of your day — every day — marketing.
  3. Is your marketing message selling you and your services? Is your marketing messaging pointed at helping a potential client fix a specific pain point? Is your marketing so clever that a potential customer scratches his head and asks, “is this really something I need or that would help me?” then you’re being too clever. Be succinct. Be clear.

What steps can you do to break through the plateau? If you’re not moving forward give Rex Richard and his team of swimming pool marketing professionals a call and schedule a free consultation.