Is your blog working for you? Is it being a slacker and just taking up space in your head and on your website? What can you do to make it earn its keep? Because blogs aren’t dead and because Google loves new, updated content we have come up with 5 jobs your blog should perform; if it isn’t you need to reach out to Rex Richard of Peak Dynamics and discuss a strategy.

Technology and analytics and what makes for “good” and “searchable” content is always changing, but great content on your website via your blog are not going away any time soon. In fact, an updated blog helps your site be found in a search.

5 Jobs Your Blog Should Perform

What should your blog be doing for you?

  1. Helping with SEO. Using the correct key words and key phrases will help your content rise to the top of a search and help more ideal clients find you. Make sure you’re using H2 headers and subtopics, and key words and images with alt tags to up the searchability of the posts.
  2. Authentically you. When you blog — or have a ghostwriter blog for you — you are able to be more real, more authentic and more conversational. Let your cilents get to know you. Show them a side of you they don’t see on a Zoom or a networking event.
  3. New content rules. Google loves new content and when you post a blog you are upping the chances that you will be found in a search. It’s a win.
  4. Your blog can act as a lead magnet. Offer a free download or other goodie to new clients through one of your blog posts. You can even use a blog post page to house/host a freebie aka lead magnet.
  5. Cha-ching! You can monetize your blog either through affiliate links or by having ads placed on your site. You could also offer individuals guest spots on your blog and charge them for the placement. Keep in mind that it’s not easy to charge until you have the traffic to support someone wanting to advertise with you, but creating new and fresh content will surely help with that.

No matter how many new technologies come along, you are never going to replace your blog — nor should you. Don’t put all your eggs on a social media site you don’t own and that could shut you down and shut you out.