What is your goal as a new entrepreneur? To get clients, make money and stay afloat. If you have put time and effort into creating your product or service, the next step would be to get that first client – then more and more after that, right? We have tips on how to get and retain leads to help your business grow.

How do you get those initial clients and how to you keep them with you for the long haul? By staying in touch and raising awareness of all that you do and all the benefits you bring them.

For the attraction phase you need to:

  1. Build trust
  2. Raise awareness

How can you build value when a new client doesn’t know anything about you or your products or services?

  1. Give value right out of the gate. Give them a freebie, great content, a reason to give you a test drive.
  2. Give a free consultation, 15- or 30-minute.
  3. Give access to free video content

How To Get And Retain Leads

You want to entice prospects with content or a product that highlights your expertise in a way that gets a reader to give you their email address – a highly coveted piece of information.

Once your potential client consumes your free lead magnet your hope is that they see your expertise and will hire you or buy your product.

Segment your leads. If your lead only wants to know about dogs, don’t send them content about cats and vice versa.

What can you give that will offer value?

  1. Templates or guides
  2. Free trial offers
  3. Free consultation
  4. Free webinars
  5. Money off a first purchase
  6. A quiz or survey that helps your prospect narrow down or hone in on his or her… XYZ – whatever your niche is

How do you get a prospect to your free offer?

  1. Write an attention-grabbing headline in your email
  2. Drive them to a beautifully-designed landing page
  3. Create the opt-in form
  4. Ask them to opt-in. Make the call to action clear and pointed
  5. List out the features and benefits and how your product or service will address their pain points

Reach out to Rex Richard and ask for a consultation on how to get more power out of your lead magnets.