Ooommmmm. Whether chanting or mantras or yoga are ways you relieve stress or if you need a brisk run or a long back, we have 5 ways to relieve stress. Entrepreneurs, parents, employees… almost anyone can experience stress and finding healthy ways to cope with it can help you live a longer, happier life.

Self-medicating with alcohol or other self-destructive behaviors is not the way to go or to cope. Let’s face it because life happens, and stress happens. In every life, there is a chance for stress. If you have a friend who is never stressed out, I’ll be that person has coping mechanisms which he or she deploys and that help alleviate their stress.

The way in which you deal with stress can make a difference in every aspect of your life, health and productivity.

Here are my tips for dealing with stress in both work and life:

5 Ways To Relieve Stress

  1. Get out of the house or the office. Simply being in nature alleviates my stress. It doesn’t matter if you sit and look at water, take a hike, walk a dog or sit on the grass and relax, nature brings clarity. Get out of those four walls. Also, if you’re out and moving you’re giving your body and mind a dose of a healthy habit.
  2. Take a deep breath. When people are stressed out they take shallow breaths and that leads to more stress. If you can’t get out of the office, stand up, and breathe in deeply. Breath in for the count of five, then slowly out for the count of five. Pay attention to whether your shoulders are relaxed or up around your ears. Relax. Breathe.
  3. Eat good foods. A healthy diet will benefit both your body and your mind. Stress may not be alleviated by eating kale but eating potato chips when you’re anxious will certainly not be any kind of benefit for you either. A healthy diet boosts your immune system and can help you deal with stress better.
  4. Get a hobby. Don’t scroll through Facebook (called doom scrolling) because that will make you more anxious. Find a hobby that relaxes and challenges you. Train dogs. Swim. Crochet blankets. Get away from the television and get involved in something else.
  5. Stay connected. Isolation was a literal killer for those during the pandemic and it even made illnesses worse for many. Talk with friends. Go for a coffee. Zoom with out-of-state family. Just pick up the phone and connect — don’t just rely on texting. with your friends. When you’re in a highly stressed state it is tempting to isolate yourself but that will make your stress worse.

If you find your stress continues at all time high levels, talk with your doctor or a professional.

What do you do to relieve stress?