Are you happy? Did you know that optimists tend to live longer than pessimists? Have you ever wondered how to be happier in life & in business? It isn’t hard, but it does take focus and it does take knowing yourself well enough to know whether you’re well and truly happy.

    Happier people draw other happy people to them like flies to honey. Did you know that close to 50% of the happiness in your life is within your control? Think about that: 50%! If you take control of even only half of your waking hours, you can be happier!

    Be Happier In Life & In Business

    If you want to be happier… and truly is there any reason you wouldn’t want to be happy? Here are my favorite tips to make your life and your business happier.

    • Be thankful. It’s not enough to just be thankful. You want to express thanks. If someone has done you a favor express your appreciation. Say “thank you.”
    • Find and keep good friends. It’s great to have acquaintances, but good friends will make your life happier and that will translate to happiness in your business as well.
    • ¬†Pursue your goals. What do you want to complete in life? Do you truly know? Are you actively pursuing it? If not, why not? Get out and be active in the pursuit of your goals — that will make you happy!
    • Be happy with where you are and what you have. If you’re always wondering, “what’s next” or thinking, “Now that I have X I really want Z” you won’t ever be truly happy.
    • Know where your skills lie and do those things at which you excel. Yes, you do want to challenge yourself and push yourself, but why not enjoy where you are and what you’re great at?
    • Give back/volunteer. If you have gifts to give, volunteer them. If you have an abundance of money or other assets, donate to those in need. You will feel better and others will benefit from your largesse.

    Know what the life you want to live looks like and take steps to make it happen and to live a happier life.

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