Do You Run Your Business From A Coffee Shop? Do you know there are rules of etiquette that should be followed if you’re doing that? Why? Because, just as you are an entrepreneur, so too is the coffee shop a business that needs to make sales and turn over tables in order to stay in business.

If you’re running your business from a coffee shop there are “rules” you should be following to make it a happy relationship for the two of you.

Do You Run Your Business From A Coffee Shop?

If you’re at a coffee shop you’re likely there because you’re inspired by the ambiance, in love with their coffee, making use of their Wi-fi and holding meetings there if you don’t want clients to come to your home office, right? It’s a great situation for you, but is it so great for the coffee shop owner?

Here are some rules for being a good customer if you’re growing your business at the local cafe.

  1. Pay “rent.” Buy food. Don’t just ask for a cup of hot water in which to dunk your the tea bags you’ve brought from home. Buy coffee every couple of hours and splurge for lunch.
  2. Don’t spread out and take up a large table. Stick to a small two-person or one-person table so you leave the larger tables open for other paying guests.
  3. Park on the street — don’t take up prime on-site parking if you’re going to be there for the entire day.
  4. Keep it down. If you’re taking calls or listening to webinars, keep the volume down. This is especially true if you’re talking about sensitive topics. Also, if other people are in the coffee shop, they are there to enjoy themselves, not listen to you.
  5. If you’re not buying lunch, vacate the table at lunchtime to make way for paying customers. The owner will thank you and will continue to welcome you.

Do you use a local coffee shop as your base of operations? Do you find it conducive to getting work done?

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