Aaahhh the beauty of being a business owner is that you can take off every Friday, right? Well, maybe not so fast! If you’re taking every Friday off will your business grow and thrive? Do you take Fridays off? If you do, are you working on another day of the week? Are you working a four day work week consistently and working longer days when you do work?

    Hey, as your own boss, you can do what you want, but know that if you don’t put in the time, how will your business grow? Perhaps time doesn’t have to be a factor in your business, but I don’t know too many entrepreneurs who work only a few hours a week and attain success.

    Success, though is personal and only you know what success looks like to you.

     Do You Take Fridays Off?

    If you’re not productive or working on Fridays, and know that you should be, here are some ways to regain control of your Friday and perhaps even be productive when you do!

    1. Plan to attend networking events on Friday.
    2. Schedule client calls or client meetings on Fridays.
    3. Take a class on a Friday.
    4. Teach a class on a Friday.
    5. Set aside time on a Friday to go through the enewsletters you sign up for and read through the trade magazines to stay current.
    6. Use Friday to look at what you’ve accomplished.
    7. Use Friday to plan for Monday and the next week.
    8. Get out of the office and attend a networking event.
    9.  Clear out your email inbox so you’re not faced with an overflowing inbox on Monday.
    10. Connect with colleagues.
    11. Use Friday for prospecting calls.

    Fridays don’t have to be full work days, but if you know you’re not productive on a Friday, that doesn’t mean you can’t make forward momentum on your business and its growth.

    Are you productive on a Friday? What do you do on Fridays to move your business forward?

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