Just as you need to find your niche when you start a business so too do you need to find your blog niche — this is especially true if blogging IS your business. If blogging is going to be your business and you love to write, you are on the right path toward being an entrepreuer.

Find Your Blog Niche

What are you passionate about? In fiction, the maxim is “write what you know.” Will your blog be about something you know? Something you want to learn more about? Something you’ve always been curious about and now you’re going to dive in and take your reader along for the ride? That is one way to go, for sure!

When you’re looking for a niche, don’t be too narrow, but don’t be too broad. For example your niche might be “cars.” Now that’s a broad topic. You could blog about “blue cars for teenagers.” That seems awfully narrow, right. You could come to a happy medium and blog about, “cars for soccer moms and beyond;” that niche would take you past the kids in soccer and onto your empty nest, for example.

Here are tips to find your niche.

  • ¬†Blog about something you enjoy. If you’re looking to make a long term commitment to blogging, you don’t want it to be about something you don’t enjoy. There will come that day when writing your post will feel like a slog through quicksand, but that will pass… as long as you’re blogging about something you love.
  • Do your research. Don’t jump on a trending blogging topic just because “everyone is talking about it.” If everyone is talking about it you may get lost in the conversation. Before you chose a blog topic or your website URL, do keyword research and see what else is out there.
  • If you want to make money, from it look for possible ways to monetize before you lay out a lot of cash. Sure there are business ideas that seem like they will be profitable and long term and they can’t sustain themselves. So do your homework and put together a business plan that makes sense.

Are you blogging for your business? How is that going? Is it sustainable? Are you enjoying it and are you being consistent with it? If you’re not or you’re not sure, let me know. Our team can help!

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