Is this the time for you to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor you’ve always dreamed of? If you’ve been furloughed because of the coronavirus you may be eventually telling the tale of how coronavirus may help launch new businesses and you could be among one of those who flourished during the pandemic.

How many times have you wondered about being your own boss? How often have you wished you could work from home and pursue your passion? Why not do that right now while you’re forced to stay home and may not be working. Don’t squander this time.

 How Coronavirus May Help Launch New Businesses

We know there are many people who will be launching blogs as a way to share what their new business is all about. We have tips on how your blog can enhance your business growth efforts.

  1. Find a niche. You can’t be everything to everyone. Narrow your niche and focus all your efforts there. Know whom you want to serve, why and how your product or service will address a pain point they are experiencing.
  2. Talk with us or another service provider and find out the best platform for you website and blog. There are many to choose from just as there are many domain name sellers from which to choose.
  3. Speaking of domain names… grab yours.
  4. If you want to make money through your blog, how will you do that? Check out sponsorship opportunities and look for ways to monetize the site itself to enhance the income from your product or service.
  5. Set up your social media platforms. Once you have written a blog post, share it there.
  6. Don’t forget to consider your branding. What colors to you like? How do you want your brand to appear — fun, professional, a combination? When someone sees your colors or logo will they know what you do or will they be left scratching their heads wondering if you’re a fit for them.

A blog is a great way to market essentially for free, your new business idea. Make the most of this time as it may never (hopefully) happen again. Don’t go back to work wondering what might have been.


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