How has the coronavirus pandemic impacted the way your goals are panning out? Have you met your goals? Have you had to change course to meet the goals? How to achieve your goals is a moving target, even more so this year.

Goal setting needs to be an ever-evolving practice because you need to adjust to meet a target, change a target once you’ve met it and make new targets if the original just doesn’t make sense. So many business owners set business resolutions in January then never look at them again until the following January.

We recommend setting quarterly, or even monthly goals, then set small steps to reach them. Review them at the end of the week, the month, the quarter and see if they were realistic and if you met or exceeded them then plan for the next week, month or quarter.

How To Achieve Your Goals

How can you help ensure you meet a goal? Try this

  1. Make it concrete. If it’s a goal like, “lose weight” what does that mean? One pound, ten pounds, one hundred? A concrete goal is more achieveable than a goal that is vague.
  2. Write the goal down. Don’t just “think” the goal and believe it will happen. Chances are it won’t. Write goals in a notebook, on your computer, in your calendar on a sticky note. When it’s visible it takes on a life of its own.
  3. Announce your goal to your colleagues or an accountability partner. Make it known that you want to accomplish XYZ by

Celebrate when you meet a goal! Announce it to the “world” that you set a goal and met it! Treat yourself!

What do you want to accomplish and by when? Find yourself a business coach and/or an accountability partner and you may meet those goals you’ve set!

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