Are you new to working from home? Has the coronavirus pandemic lead to this switch in your workday from the office or your comfortable cubicle to trying to find room at the dining room table to work and take calls? We have tips for how to be productive working from home, especially if this is a new way of life.

    Not everyone is accustomed to working from home and not everyone enjoys the freedom that being in their home offers them. If you’ve been forced to change your workday and your work life you also need to change your mindset.

    How To Be Productive Working From Home

    Working from home brings challenges and benefits and we have put together a list to help you be more productive during this transitional time.

    1. Get dressed as though you were going to the office. It is easy to go from your “bedtime pajamas” to your “daytime pajamas.” Don’t get into the habit of living in sweats. You don’t have to put on a tie or a skirt, but do get up, get dressed, comb your hair, put on socks and greet the day like the professional you are.
    2. Find a place to call your office. If you don’t have a room you can dedicate to an office space, find a corner of the living room, the dining room or even your bedroom (although we don’t recommend working in the bedroom because you need a separation between home and work). Set up a card table or a small desk and use that for work only.
    3. Have work hours. If you’re used to working from 9 am to 5 pm then keep up with that schedule. Your colleagues and your boss or clients have gotten accustomed to you being in the office and available at that time so stick with it. Don’t give into your night owl tendencies and begin work at 9 pm.
    4. Have a ritual for “going to work” and “coming home from work.” Don’t shuffle from the bedroom to the office then from the office to the couch at the end of the day. Set up a ritual that gets you ready to jump into your work day. When the day is over, close the door on the office (even if it is a virtual door), turn off company and work emails and get into a homelife mindset.
    5. Keep in touch with colleagues. It’s easy to hibernate and communicate only through email. Pick up the phone. Send a text. Invite colleagues or clients to a Zoom meeting. Face-to-face can still happen even if you can’t meet for coffee. Have a virtual coffee date or a virtual Friday Happy Hour. It may seem odd, but it is fun!

    How are you coping with the new workstyle? Has your workday not been impacted by the switch to more people working from home? If you are looking for more ways to be productive, to stay in touch and even to put together a strategy for a new business way of life, give us a call!

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