Your office surroundings have a lot to do with your state of mind as well as your productivity. This is the same whether you work in an office, a cube or your home office. We have some tips on how to kick off 2020 more productively by starting with your office setting.

We know there are those individuals who will say they can work in a mess because they know where everything is. That simply isn’t true. When you’re working in a chaotic environment — even if you can find everything — you’re still adding to your stress and that can unwittingly decrease your productivity.

Here are some ways to boost productivity by starting with your office.

  1. Add foilage. Whether you’re adding live plants, air plants or artificial plants, greenery enhances your mood and just makes you feel better. Adding plant life gives you a break from staring at the office walls or computer screen and if you concentrate on the plant you just might feel yourself relax.
  2. Get rid of the clutter. This goes for your physical as well as your virtual desktop. Set up filing systems. Put stuff in drawers or folders. Keep out what you need to use regularly. Put items away that are used infrequently. Don’t let clutter roll around the desk because it’s distracting.
  3. Lighting matters. You don’t have to replace the ceiling lights to enhance the lighting in your space, but add a table or desk lamp to brighten up the work space.
  4. How inspired are you by your office decor? If you have any say in the matter, update and upgrade the decor. Add a coat of paint or hang photos. Add a few personal items or motivational quotes.
  5. How is the flooring in your office? If you’re working on hardwood floors or linoleum and the floors are cold or loud or dark, install new flooring or at least add a few throw rugs to dampen the sound and brighten up the space. If you already have carpet that is worn and dingy, add throw rugs or a mat to help your chair roll easier.

Take some time before the new year gets too far into its cycle and give your office a once over and see if it’s helping, or hindering, your productivity.

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