Burnout. It is real, but it can also be an excuse entrepreneurs tell themselves they are suffering from when they really have just lost their passion (momentarily) for their business. How to reignite your business passion is something we talk with our clients about quite regularly.

It is easy to be excited when you have an amazing business idea. It is also easy to feel as though you’re pushing a rock up a steep hill when you’re in the midst of making that business a success. All of a sudden that “thing” you loved is now your “job.” Your passion project has grown wings and will be the driving force in your entrepreneurial endeavor. That is a lot of pressure to put on something you love, right?

How To Reignite Your Business Passion

We have come up with five ways you can use to reignite your passion for the business idea you’re pursuing and making a living from.

  1. You’re the expert. Whether you’re making widgets or crocheting blankets, you have taken the first steps in turning that passion — your unique expertise — into a business. Shout it from the rooftops that you are the expert. If you don’t believe it, potential clients won’t either.
  2. Take a break. If your business is crocheting or dog grooming or whatever was once a hobby and is now a business, take a break from it. Do something completely different. You may just come back refreshed and renewed.
  3. Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean you have to make a living at it, right? If you love to crochet blankets, sell them at local craft fairs, set up an etsy store, give them away to the homeless — no one says that just because it’s your expertise that you HAVE to turn it into a business.
  4. If you’re currently an employee who wants to break out and become an entrepreneur, is there anything about your current job that you enjoy? Can that translate into a passion project that might set you on the path toward being an entrepreneur?
  5. Maybe you just need a career change. Your passions can change and rather than trying to force yourself to become passionate about it again, admit that you want to go in another direction. Perhaps you have reached the end of your creativity with a certain project. Maybe you have uncovered something else you are more passionate about — go for it!

Life is too short to be stuck in a rut or be doing something that kills your soul. Perhaps you need a vacation or perhaps you need a business coach or an accountability group who can help you uncover the reasons why your passion has changed. Don’t close the door to a new opportunity if that is the path you are facing.

Are you still passionate about your business? Has it evolved since you started it? Leave us a message.



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