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Are you a sales person? Trick question. If you’re in business, you ARE a sales person whether you call yourself one or not. Swimming pool contractors, dog groomers, writers — all sales people. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be in business. How to make a sale is something we talk with our coaching clients about all the time.

What is eye-opening for many of our clients is that with the right attitude, sales are easy. Sales, in fact, don’t have to feel like sales calls when you know you’re addressing a pain point and know that you are offering high quality solutions. Believe in yourself and what you do and you will be authentic.

How To Make A Sale

Here are tips to encourage prospects to listen to you or to call you back.

  • Answer your phone during working hours. If calls always go to voice mail or if a prospect has to wade through a menu, they will give up.
  • Answer the phone with a smile in your voice — it shows.
  • When you leave a message, speak clearly, remind the person of who you are and why you’re calling and leave your phone number and email.
  • Be succinct when you leave a voice mail. You don’t need to go over all your points. Instead, leave the message and wait for their call bacl. Don’t use all their voice mail space.
  • Don’t feel you need to name drop to make an impression. Be yourself — that will mean more than a star-studded client list.
  • Wrap up the call in the timeframe you’d promised.
  • End the call with a call to action — I’ll follow up with you in five days, for example.
  • Did we mention, listen? The best way to make a sale is to listen to what the prospect truly needs — it may be different than what you think it is.

With any sales call it is about the prospects pain point — not about you touting the benefits. Need help perfecting your sales pitch? Reach out to Rex Richard, he can help.