When people come to your blog are they likely to come back? Is it a good experience for them? The cliche of you only get one chance to make a first impression is true. We have tips on how to make a splash with your blog that will get your readers coming back for more.
Blogging is the way in which your website remains current and active in the eyes of Google search — and you want to remain active and seem viable in Google’s eyes as they can help drive your content up in a search.

How To Make A Splash With Your Blog

Here are tips to make a splash and rank in a search
  1. Use Google’s people cards — this is esentially your brand’s demographic. If people are looking for you or your business in a search, you want to set up a Google Card/People Card so you come up in a search.
  2. If you list your prices on your website, don’t feel that you have to justify them. If you do feel the urge to do that, talk about your prices in the terms of the value a customer will reap by working with you over the competition.
  3. What is your personal brand? Are you funny? Serious? Sarcastic? Do you share your political views or religious leanings unapologetically? If that’s the case, that is who you are and your customers will come to you because they like what you’re saying OR they will move on because they don’t. If they move on they probably weren’t a good fit.
  4. The “voice” of your blog is part of your brand. Are you a natural teacher? A leader? An experienced professional like no other? Then share that information with your readers.
  5. Capture readers on your email marketing list. Your list is your most valuable company asset. Give people a reason to sign up for your email — a great lead magnet is key!

If you’re finding blogging and content creation a challenge, reach out to us we can help. We can also help you create a lead magnet that will help you grow your list.

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