Coronavirus has brought about many changes for many people. One of those changes is a switch from working in an office to working from a home office. Many people who are working from home don’t even have a home office – they are lucky to grab a corner of the kitchen table! How to work effectively from home is something many people had to learn the hard way.

    How can you be effective if you have to work from home, or are working from home because of the COVID-19 quarantine. When you’re home, there are so many distractions – the pets, the laundry, vacuuming, errands, the television and many others.

    How To Work Effectively From Home

    If you’re still wondering how to be more effective, or if you’re looking to strike out on your own as an entrepreneur, these tips are for you.

    1. Be reasonable in your expectations. Chances are you won’t get as much done in an eight-hour day at home as you would have if you were in the office cubicle. Yes, you will be saving on the commute time, but you are still faced with home distractions and it’s easy to linger over that cup of coffee until your work hours don’t start until 10 am or later!
    2. Set a routine. Get up. Get dressed. Act as though you were going into the office. Set your office hours, start time, stop time, lunch time and breaks. Stick to them. A routine will help you get more done and be more effective in your day.
    3. Get on track. If you set yourself up for failure by thinking you’d get more done than you could, be more realistic goals. Working from home, no matter if you have a dedicated space, is a challenge for many. Add to the mix, if you have children who are home from school because of the shut-down and you can see how you may not meet all the goals set.
    4. Get up and move around. Set a timer if you have to at the top of every hour to remind yourself to get up and get moving. Don’t eat at your desk. Walk the dog. Do jumping jacks. Move! It will keep the blood flowing, help you stay healthier and keep your ideas moving.
    5. Work in a space that inspires you. If you can get outdoors and sit and work and that is an inspiration, then do it. Your “desk” doesn’t have to be a desk. Find a place in your house that makes you happy and work from there. Your work space will help set the mood for your day.

    Enjoy this time at home and embrace the changes in your workday and your routine. This is an unprecedented time and we hope you find a way to make the most of it.

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