As we are into the second week of 2021, we want to talk about how to write a business plan. Many of the clients with whom we work, either don’t have a business plan, have it “in their heads” or truly have written it on napkins or sticky notes.

Don’t let the intimidation of a business plan and its compilation stop you from writing one. When you set a manageable goal and give yourself deadlines and seek guidance in its preparation you will find it’s easier than you thought. More importantly, your business plan is a roadmap toward your success and who doesn’t want that?

How To Write A Business Plan

As a business owner you NEED to have a business plan. No matter if you’re a solopreneur, working in a partnership or have a large company – a business plan is a must-have document. As a business coach I know that the clients with whom I work have said having a business plan helped them grow, launch and sustain their businesses – and that is the goal, right?

Here are my thoughts on business plans

  1. It’s not about the name on the top of the document – it’s about the discovery you find when you create it. You will be asking yourself, or working with a coach who will ask, questions that delve deeper into your financial and growth goals.
  2. Don’t think you have to write the business plan all in one day. You don’t set aside an hour, or so, a day until it’s done.
  3. Make sure you set up an appointment with yourself on your calendar and make the business plan completion a priority.
  4. Look online for business plan templates and outlines. Work with a business coach to complete your plan.
  5. Ask for feedback and input from trusted colleagues or your coach.

Don’t let the preparation of your business plan become what seems like an insurmountable task – it’s not. Look at your business plan as your roadmap for success – it is!

Reach out to Rex Richard if you need help with business goals and your business plan.

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