As a business coach it’s my job to look at your entire business when we are talking. One thing I look at is your business bio and I ask, “is your business bio doing its job?” You may not know if it is — or if it isn’t. Your business bio is your online, 24/7 calling card to the universe.

Your business bio needs to be robust, tell people what you do and how they can work with you. The messaging on your business bio needs to be consistent and consistently branded no matter where you’re sharing it. Keywords are also part of the bio as that is how people will search you out.

To grow your business, garner speaking engagements and drive people to your website a business bio can be your best friend — or your worst enemy. Take time to craft a robust bio (one that is searchable for your niche).

Is Your Business Bio Doing Its Job?

Go to all of your social media platforms, your website, your blog and look at your business card and determine whether your bio needs to be updated and/or adjusted.

  • It’s not one-size-fits-all. Your bio or your profile needs to be adapted and adjusted to the audience with which you’re interacting.
  • Qualifications. If you’re twenty years out of high school or college, do you need to highlight your college or high school achievements? Haven’t you done anything since then that’s notable? For what do you want to be known? What have you done to highlight that unique skillset? Highlight that in your qualifications and remove, “captain of the wrestling team” from your qualifications and bio — unless it remains somehow relevant.
  • Specialized training. If you’re a lifelong learner — and most successful entrepreneurs are — make note of that. What do you do that makes you stand out from the competition? Add it into your bio.
  • Contact info. Crafting a great bio is the first step. Once people have found you, have you given them a way to get in touch with you? I have seen numerous websites where there is no contact email or phone number. Make sure you have an easy way for a prospect to reach you.
  • Professional photo. A photo is a must. I will not accept a connection request on LinkedIn if someone doesn’t have a photo. Why would I? For that matter, why wouldn’t you have a professional photo? Hire a photographer and get photos taken. Unless you are in the pet industry, don’t have your dog or cat in the photo with you.

Is your business bio complete? Is it robust? Are you using keywords? If you have questions or doubts about your bio, reach out, I can help.

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