Millions of people work from home. If you’re one of those people, is your home office working for you? What this means, is do you feel productive and relaxed and creative in your space? Even if you’re not involved in a truly creative field, you still want to have an office space that lets you work without adding to your stress.

    Is Your Home Office Working For You?

    Before you go to work in the morning, or before you leave your office tonight, look at your office space and ask yourself:

    1. Does the color work? When is the last time you painted the space in which you’re working? If you grabbed the corner of a room or cleared out a closet, does it need a fresh coat of paint? Probably. Look for a paint color in the blue or yellow family will breathe new life into the office space. Blue is said to enhance productivity, yellows are know to invigorate the senses and inspire creativity.
    2. How well lit is the space? Will you be on video calls? If so, you want to be seen in a good light, not looking like you’re in a dark forest with a flashlight under your chin.
    3. How distracting is the space? Is it cluttered? Is there a television within eye sight that you will be watching during the day and not getting your work done? If you’re going to be on the phone or on video chats a lot, make sure the background behind you isn’t distracting to those you’re talking with. Hang curtains and offer yourself a great view out the window.
    4. Is your desk and keyboard and chair ergonomic? You don’t want to have a backache or give yourself carpal tunnel because your desk, chair and keyboard set up are causing you strain.
    5. When you’re working from home can you close the door if you need to? Does your family respect your office hours?

    Take time today to give your office space a once over and plan a cleaning and reorganization if necessary t get it in work-from-home shape.

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